🌿 garlic 🧄 garden 🌿

thia ia allium house's side site, where host a number of public resources on this url, as well as some web services for people they're friendly with.

you can also see stuff that mord and joey have made individually on their respective userpages.



a small javascript widget for creating webrings with very little technical knowledge required.

an alterhuman Yahoo! Groups archive

a collection of archives from alterhuman communities that existed on the now-defunct yahoo! groups mailing list service


the AlterNet webring

a group of friendly alterhumans bringing the old community trend of personal websites back

the Archetroper's Guild webring

a webring for people living fantastical lifestyles as an expression of alterhuman identity



a web client for our calibre library, so you can read books right from the browser. uses calibre.


a matrix homeserver. you can log in here to use the web client. uses matrix + element.