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the Archetroper's Guild webring

is a webring for people living fantastical lifestyles as an expression of alterhuman identity. it was formed by members of the Discord server of the same name, and it's powered by onionring.js.

the people in this webring are:

Allium House
a nonhuman plural collective of artists, makers, mages and rogues, roaming between wild nature and wilder virtual realities.
Willow Rosenberg
alternatively known as The Magician, a fictional character writing about their alternormal experiences [and the magic found within them, obviously!]
Lore Vyturys
A paladin and right-hand sharing their alterhuman experiences, community resources, and creative writing.
Rudy β€œDodec” Cantor
Friendly neighborhood occult detective and/or hyperdimensional eldritch abomination. Xe also writes poetry, essays, fiction, and gods only know what else.
Tildrun Weber
An Academic (turned into a Cryptid) writing down miscellaneous observations on working with Eldritch-in-nature Deities.

what's an archetroper?

archetropers are people who embody the types of roles typically found in myth and fiction, but in the real world. for example, some of the people in this ring are warlocks, pirates, paladins, rangers, and more. you can learn more about archetropy on otherkin.wiki

what's a webring?

a webring is a circular list of websites who all link to each other in a chain. the best way to experience how this works for yourself is by picking someone off this index, finding the widget on their page and clicking the arrow. you'll see a lot of different sites, and if you keep going, you'll make it back to the one you started on. it's like a subway ride round a particular internet neighbourhood.

who can join the ring?

you can join the ring if you are an archetroper or you have a similar archetypal identity or lifestyle. i've seen, for example, fictives and folcintera who feel at home in archetropy spaces and connect with them on that basis. i'm not going to draw hard lines around what counts as long as you sincerely feel your experience has something in common with the other people here.

the other requirement is that you're not a bigot.

how do i join the ring?

to apply, you will need the following things:

  1. a website where you post stuff relevant to your identity or lifestyle (even if it's only a little). the website must be capable of running a javascript file, because that's how the webring widget works. personal websites are preferred here - if you don't already have one, might i recommend neocities?
  2. an email address, so i can contact you about bugs or updates to the script or whatever. this might go without saying, but it needs to be an email address that you actually check. if i can't get in touch with you, i'll take you off the list! that's your warning!
  3. a 64px square image and a short description to represent yourself on the index. good things to include in the description might be your name, what your archetrope is and what people can expect to find on your site. you can look to existing members' icons and descriptions for inspiration.

once you have these things, you can proceed to the form.